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A few weeks ago I returned from a ten day adventure experience in Mongolia where we lived in gers with nomadic families, and which even saw us on horse-back “helping” them to muster their herds through their seasonal migration from their winter to their spring camp.


Everest Base Camp

I recently completed a two week 130km round trip trek to Everest Base Camp, and it was an epic experience. It was one of the best adventures I’ve done, but what really added to the experience was having reasonably severe altitude sickness for about 36 hours.


Venturer Whitsundays

A few days ago I returned from the first ever Advance Queensland Venturer Program, and now that I am back and I learnt important thing while paddling 50km in a sea kayak alongside 19 incredible people


European mission experience

I’m a huge fan of the Matrix, and for those of you that know it well, the entirety of the scene depicted in this meme below sums up the experience I was expecting. I was expecting to be physically and mentally broken down and rebuilt. To be challenged; tortured even. To be pushed beyond my limits. To be tested. And to see the world differently as a result.