Post zero: Hello world

Aug 13, 2016

Hi.  I’m Aaron Birkby, and this is my new personal blog.

My motivation to create this blog came about after I publicly asked connections for brutally honest feedback, and a lot of that feedback either asked or suggested that I need to write and share more content with my views on startups, innovation, and investing.

Secondly, my changing role in the ecosystem (changing from EIR for the RCL Accelerator with muru-D and becoming the CEO of Startup Catalyst) means that I am sadly going to spend less time directly interfacing and involved with startups and founders. So I am also motivated to find a replacement outlet for that passion and thirst.

This blog will hopefully go someway towards achieving both those objectives – giving/sharing and quenching my thirst.  Fundamentally, I hope I add value.

Thanks for visiting.  Please give me feedback (link at the top of the page) and please suggest topics I should write about.

And more importantly, please let me know how I can help you.